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We can't all be colourful...........


As most of our parcels go out by First Class Royal Mail - the last posting date is Monday 21st December and the last time we can accept orders for posting out on this date is 6 am on the morning of the 21st. This isn't a guaranteed service however and we recommend you place orders earlier than this to ensure your goodies arrive in time for Christmas. 


 It never fails to amaze me how colourful nature is.  Without all the additions of flavour and colour we think that our lives may be just a little dull - but this is not the case - just look around you at this time of year to see how great nature is at showing off - and not a synthetic bit of colouring in sight!  Of course not everything can be bright and beautiful - indeed there needs to be a backdrop in order for some things to shine which is where nature's greenery comes in no doubt - to provide a foil for everything else.

There is as usual a lesson to be learned here I feel - one of the things I sometimes worry about is that my natural skin care products are not exciting and colourful enough - but that is the point after all - they are natural - 100% natural in most cases and bright colour and overpowering scent is not what they are about - they are providing the 'green-backdrop' role for our skin rather than the 'look-at-me' role - so no added sparkly bits here I'm afraid - just pure and natural as nature intended.  I do feel however that I am allowed to package our products using a little colourful printer ink...........after all that is what a flower does to encourage the butterflies and bees.....I'm only doing the same thing......

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