Hand Made Natural Skin Care

Handmade Natural Skincare Products - hand made skin care - made in cumbria

About Us

All Pringle & Fairweather products are made in a traditional Cumbrian farm cottage in the middle of the beautiful Eden Valley, North of the more well-known English Lake District. We started making our own soaps because the Pringle half of the partnership suffered from very sensitive skin and often Eczema - we thought that using natural skincare products might help the situation. An initial look at the ingredients in the everyday products that we were using horrified us and spurned us on to make our own.

We had lots of trials, and our fair share of errors, and it took some time to perfect the art of soap-making, something we have decided is a cross between, cookery, chemistry and alchemy. We enjoyed making bath products, oils and creams so much we gave them as gifts to friends and family, trying to match different scents to different people. They wanted more and more - we tried new recipes and our friends were more than happy to be guinea pigs (who needs animal testing when you have friends?).

The next step was to get all of our products tested by a lab to ensure that the recipes were safe to make and to sell to the general public, something that is very important for obvious reasons. All our products comply to current EU legislation and each one has its own 'Safety Assessment'. We started attending craft fairs and events, locally at first and then further afield; shops saw us and wanted to stock our products:............and here we are today - or rather here I am today writing the copy to launch our new website.

Our products are still made by our caring hands in small batches. Natural ingredients are selected for their specific qualities to nourish and pamper the skin. Every product is made from scratch by us, wrapped, hand labelled and every order placed by you is packed and dispatched by us. This allows you to buy with confidence, products which provide your skin with the best that nature can offer. We still enjoy what we do. We hope you enjoy using them just as much!