Frequently Asked Questions

We aren't asked these question all of the time and many of the questions asked don't appear here, but these are the more commonly asked questions from you.

If you have a query about us, our products, on this site please, please contact us; we want to hear from you to help us continually improve our products and services.

I am pregnant and want to continue to use natural skincare products, but am worried about using essential oils. Can you tell me which I can and cannot use?

There are a small group of essential oils which should never be used in the first few months of pregnancy, because they are toxic or could do harm to mother and/or baby. Provided these oils are carefully avoided, aromatherapy techniques can be used very safely and beneficially to maintain your general health and help minimise the various discomforts of pregnancy.

Shea Butter is known to be very good for stretch marks and we have had very positive remarks from customers who used our Lavender Treatment Balm after the fifth month, but, you should seek advice from your GP, midwife or qualified aromatherapist before using any products and I would recommend a visit to a qualified aromatherapist as a matter of course when pregnant.

In the early stages of pregnancy they can help with any nauseas feelings brought on by pregnancy and although the use of essential oils is limited in the early months, by the fourth month of term, many more can be used and she/he can help minimise things like stretch marks, backache, swollen legs and ankles as well dealing with your emotional needs.

Do you use any non-natural ingredients?

Effective, natural based products are our priority and the vast majority of our formulations are preservative-free. We do use small amounts of a preserver called Phenoxyethanol and it is the only ingredient on our shelf that does not originate from nature.

We use this preservative where we cannot find a natural alternative which is 100% safe for our customers and we only use it in two of our products, Really Rich Hand Cream and Shea Nut Body Butter. Both of these products are emulsions, which means that they are a mix of oil and water and this provides an all-too-ideal breeding ground for bacteria and it is for this reason only that we include a very small amount of preserver.

We are steering clear of all parabens based preservers which has been the subject of some very negative studies recently.

If your products are all-natural, how long will they last?

All products include a use by date on the packaging and this date is how long the product will keep if the package is unopened. Before despatch to you, they are stored in a cool, dark environment to give the best possible conditions for storing and if you are not going to use a product purchased from us straight away, you should do the same. Once in a centrally-heated house or once opened all our products should be used within six months.

Many skincare products have a much longer shelf life than this but they will contain unhealthy preservers. It is better not to stock up on our products in your bathroom cabinet, but to order smaller quantities more regularly to ensure fresh healthy products.

I am allergic to a lot of ingredients. Many websites don't supply a full list of ingredients for the products and when they arrive there is something in it that I am allergic to and I find I have wasted my money. Can I get a full list of your ingredients?

By law, every product has to contain as part of its packaging a list of all the ingredients contained in it, we replicate this same list from each product and include it on the website so you know exactly what you are buying and yes many websites just include the 'nice' ingredients' which makes you think you are buying a purely natural product when in fact you are not. You can find this full list by clicking on the individual product that you are interested in.

Is it possible I could be allergic to any of your products?

Many people with sensitive skins are frequently using the expanding range of Pringle & Fairweather products. Much of this is due to what we leave out of our formulations as well as what we put into our recipes. All recipes are formulated to be gentle and we exclude the use of unnecessary ingredients such as thickeners, emulsifiers, colours and a huge list more.

However, as a precaution, if you suffer from hyper-sensitive skin or any dermatitis complaints, it is advisable to do a small patch test prior to your first application. You can be allergic to natural products as well as synthetic ones, remember peanuts are a natural product and people can be very allergic to them.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

None of our ingredients are of animal origin, with the exception of beeswax

Are your products tested on animals?

Really! Don't talk about my friends and relatives like that! No we don't test any of our products on animals, only willing friends and relatives that seem only too happy to test the latest formula for free!

They are more than happy to give us feedback, not all good, but then these products don't generally make it into production, but that's what you get from human guinea pigs!

I suffer from really dry hands, which Hand Cream is best for me?

All Pringle & Fairweather Really Rich Hand Creams are what we refer to as 'heavy-duty' and stronger than the majority of normal hand creams you will find on the high street. Most people we talk to at shows and events find our creams more intensive than their current brand. With the exception of the Gardeners Hand Cream, all the hand creams are made to the same recipe and will feel the same; it is only the scent that differs, so if you know which scent you like, the choice is easy.

Hand Cream for the Gardener however is a little bit heavier even than the Really Rich Hand Creams and is formulated for very dry hands, normally hard-working hands that may be chapped and scaly. It contains Carrot Root Oil and antiseptic healing oils of Tea Tree and Lavender.