People that meet us at events and shows enjoy 'sniffing' their way through our expanding range of soaps, Bath Products and Creams. We're only sorry that a 'scratch-and-sniff' facility isn't available online (our 'technicians are good, but they're not that good!), Here, we've done our best to describe the benefits of each product and the scents of our ranges for you, which has been hard, but hopefully its enough to help you to make a decision about which product is for you.

Each product in our online shop also has a full ingredient listing which links to an extensive description of each individual item which is useful if you have an allergy to a specific essential oil, for example, or if you are keen to know the origin or benefits of a particular herb or oil. If you're unsure about a choice, please feel free to email us or pick up the phone for advice, we're always happy to help match a scent from our range to your requirements.